Ion Fortuna (Arabian/Artbook)

Character: Ion Fortuna
Manga | Anime: Trinity Blood
Version: Arabian/Artbook
Status: Finished
First used: Anipop Kyuu-Ti | 2011 (Portugal)
Making Time: ?
Costume by Leonor Grácias Cosplay

About: Normally I don't cosplay characters that I don't know or that I never watched/played the game/anime/series/etc they belong to, but Ion was suggested by my dear friend Leonor who commented that I would look good. After doing a lot of research on the character, I agreed on cosplaying as him and later on make a photoshoot with her as Mirka Fortuna. I commissioned this costume to Leonor because I felt I didn't have the time/skills to do it, and she kindly accepted. She was also the one choosing this version. Unfortunately, the photoshoot ended up not happening (never loosing hope though!), but I still enjoy cosplaying Ion. Over the years I've been upgrading the costume's accessories, and I'm still considering new improvements.

Photo by YumiAndTheRainbow | Edition by Me
Photo from 2013


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