Pakunoda (Sea)

Character: Pakunoda
Manga | Anime: Hunter x Hunter
Version: Sea Card (1st Version)
Status: Retired
First used: Private Photoshoot | 2015
Making Time: 2 weeks (on and off work)

About: If my memory doesn't fail me, I started working on Pakunoda's swimsuit around the time that the card was made public. I've always had this idea of cosplaying everything related to Paku (I absolutely love this woman), and since I was super into making a Summer costume, I decided to go ahead with the project. However, because of life situations I didn't manage to finish it on time in 2014, deciding to postpone it for the following year. Everything ran smoothly the second time around, as I had the great majority of it done. The choice of removing the spider from the design was intentional. Unfortunately the costume was ruined beyond repair after the photoshoot, but I'm happy I still managed to save some memories of it!

(Coming Soon!)

 Photo by Amisu | Edition by Me


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