Carla Radames

Character: Carla Radames
Game: Resident Evil 6
Version: Ada Wong's doppelganger
Status: Finished
First used: AmadoraBD | 2012 (Portugal)
Making Time: 3 days

About: I'm not necessarily a big fan of Carla (I love Ada, however), but as soon as I saw her outfit, I fell completely in love with it and knew right away this would be a costume I'd enjoy making. Of course, being the way that I am, I decided to make it for a convention... Four days before it was held! It became one of the most thrilling (yet scary) cosplay adventures I've ever had, though it was still a lot of fun. I never managed to get pictures that I liked and when I (finally) had a photoshoot planned for Summer 2015, I found out the dress was too big because I lost around 15kg since I made it. I do enjoy seeing myself as Carla and I would really love wearing this again, so it's on my remake/fix list.

It seems I haven't been able to make a photoshoot for this costume yet.

Maybe soon!


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