Nagisa Hazuki (Splash Free!)

Character: Nagisa Hazuki
Anime: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
Version: Spash Free! (ending)
Status: Unfinished
First used: Anifest 2013 (Portugal)
Making Time: -

About: I fell in love the moment I set my eyes on the Splash Free! ending and saw the costumes used by the main characters. Both Egyptian and Arabian designs always catch my interest and after ignoring my urges for years, I just couldn't say no anymore! Out of all the Free! boys, Nagisa and Nitori are the only ones I believe I can actually pull off, so it was an immediate choice as to who I would cosplay! Unfortunately, this costume was super rushed (I stayed up working until 5 or 6 a.m. on the day of the convention) so it's not nearly as finished as I'd like it to be. I decided to keep the main design intact but add lots of detail so it can look more "rich". There's still several things to be added but hopefully I'll have it done by Summer 2016 and make a photoshoot!

It seems I haven't been able to make a photoshoot for this costume yet.

Maybe soon!


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