Machi (Episode 51 - 2011 Version)

Character: Machi
Manga | Anime: Hunter x Hunter
Version: Episode 51 (2011)
Status: Finished
First used: Iberanime Lx 2016 (Portugal)
Making Time: 2 months (on and off work)

About: I've had this version of Machi on my list for a very long time, since all we had was a black and white reference of it on the cover of Chapter 92. I knew that I had to make it because of how much symbolism and emotional charge it carries, so even without knowing any detail of it, I still decided to go ahead. All I had to work with was what you can see in the picture, so I tried to keep the same structure while I made up most of the details along the way. Ironically (and sort of funny), as I was nearly finished this version came out in one of the HxH Mobage cards. Even though I missed the target with a lot of parts, I still enjoy how I made it and don't really intend on redoing anything.

(Coming Soon!)

It seems I haven't been able to make a photoshoot for this costume yet.

Maybe soon!


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