Pakunoda (Auction)

Character: Pakunoda
Manga | Anime: Hunter x Hunter
Version: Auction (1999)
Status: Finished
First used: Winter Masquerade Ball | 2013 (Portugal)
Making Time: 2-3 days

About: In 2013 the very first portuguese cosplay ball was announced and people wouldn't believe the happiness that it brought to our community! I made this costume specially for that night, not having it in mind for any other reason. It was quite the simple thing to do, specially because there were barely any references of the dress besides a couple shots from the episode in question. This is based on the 1999 version (episode 62), and not on the Hunter x Hunter cards that were released many years later.

It seems I haven't been able to make a photoshoot for this costume yet.

Maybe soon!


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